Choosing to purchase a new house is an exciting life decision that requires some initial considerations to ensure you find the perfect home.
Before browsing listings, reflect on the following questions: 
How large does the house have to be for my family to be comfortable?
How many rooms and bathrooms are required?
What size of yard will accommodate children and pets?
What are my current parking and transportation needs?
How important is having a house close to work, local amenities, public transportation? 
In which areas of the city would you like to live?   Are there areas that you want to avoid? 
Are you willing to purchase a home that is involved with a Home Owner’s Association? 
Are there special considerations required for hobbies, guests, potential additions to the family, physical limitations or disabilities?
The answers to these questions will help you not only determine the type of house that will be the best for you, but also save you time from viewing houses that don’t meet your personal criteria.  
To start your home search and find local listings in the area, contact me and we can review your criteria and find houses that meet your personal criteria.

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10 photos
111 Church Lane
East Brunswick $999,000 Residential
5 photos
Fieldsboro $949,000 Commercial
10 photos
76 Da Vinci Dr
South Brunswick Township $618,000 2 Story Residential
10 photos
170 Prospect
Edison $369,000 2 Storey Residential
20 photos
60 SUYDAM Avenue
Edison $315,000 Residential
1 photos
236 South 11th Avenue
Highland Park $199,000 950 sq. ft. Residential
2 photos
116 AMBOY Avenue
Woodbridge Proper $179,900 Commercial
7 photos
1045 EASTON Avenue
Franklin $35,000.00 Monthly Commercial
1 photos
1177 State Route 18 Highway
East Brunswick $7,315.00 Monthly Commercial
3 photos
1716 LINCOLN HWY RT 27 Highway
Edison $4,000.00 Monthly Commercial
1 photos
1627 Lincoln Hwy Rt 27 Highway
Edison $3,995.00 Monthly Commercial
4 photos
1581 ROUTE 27 Highway
Edison $2,795.00 Monthly Commercial
1 photos
27 Barlow Road
Edison $2,695.00 Monthly Residential
2 photos
1601A Lincoln Hwy Rt 27 Highway
Edison $2,500.00 Monthly Commercial
11 photos
32 Schubert Avenue
Edison $2,495.00 Monthly Residential
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